No More Ceramic?

No More Ceramic? 

At Form & Function, as some of you may have noticed, we have switched our ceramic cups out for what appear to be black plastic cups. Though this seems like an unusual move on our part, the truth is that these cups are not plastic at all! We have picked these unique cups for a reason. They are called Huskeecups

After a short glance at their website, it is clear to see that these cups are amazing for two main reasons. One: sustainability lies at the core of what they do, by helping eliminate waste in the coffee supply chain. Coffee requires many resources and labor to go from farm to cup, so it is essential to reduce waste wherever possible. Two: they are designed to hold in heat longer than other materials without burning your hands, all the while achieving an amazing aesthetic experience. This Australian based company has achieved the impossible! 


So what does the name Huskeecup mean? 


The coffee fruit has many components: The skin, the fruit, the hull (or husk), the mucilage, and the seed or coffee bean that we are familiar with. During the washing process, all of these components are taken off of the seed and disposed of, creating a large amount of waste. This is where Huskeecup comes into play. They realized that this durable resource could be recycled into a thermal material ideal for a coffee cup! 

Take some time to check out their website and instagram! They are making leaps for the coffee industry and deserve the love!

P.S. We are hoping to have some for sale soon, so keep your eyes peeled!